Eldon L. Looby Recipient of 2017 Dispute Resolution Award

Acquisition International Magazine honored Eldon L. Looby by naming the Law Offices of Eldon L. Looby as the recipient of its Dispute Resolution Award for Best Family Litigation Specialist in New York for 2017.

It is an unavoidable fact of life that businesses and individuals, no matter what industry, sector, size or location, will, at some point be involved in a dispute. Understandably, there is a need to minimize the impact of these often costly, time consuming and distracting events and therefore call upon those whose job it is to bring such matters to a swift and satisfactory conclusion.

The 2017 Dispute Resolution Awards recognize those key players whose dedication, commitment, and experience have helped them work in such a fiercely competitive environment.

Acquisition International awards are given solely on merit and are awarded to commend those most deserving for their ingenuity and hard work, distinguishing them from their peers and proving them worthy of recognition.

The list of award recipients can be found at http://www.acquisition-intl.com/2017-dispute-resolution-awards.

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